Improved Manufacturing Capacity and Supply Chain Efficiency

At AB-CO PURGE we have improved our manufacturing capacity and supply chain efficiency in order to respond to the increasing demand for our purge and pressurization products. We are encouraged by this increase in demand brought on by some of these key factors:

  • The continuing focus on safety in hazardous working locations.
  • The high-cost of designing, certifying, and installing electrical equipment as either explosion proof and/or intrinsically safe.
  • The increased use of automation requiring electrical/electronic controls in hazardous work environments. For example: Robotics, programmable controllers, computers, printers, calibrators, analyzers, and video displays.
  • The recent boom in the petro-chemical industry brought on by the lower cost of petroleum-based raw material.

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AB-CO PURGE Introduces New Product Line Brochure

AB-CO PURGE is pleased to announce the publication of our new Product Line Brochure. This brochure will allow customers to learn more about our full product line as well as our company. It also provides information and definition on the meaning of Y-Purge and Z-Purge, providing our customers a clearer understand of these terms and how they relate to purchasing a pressurization and purging system.

We invite you to download our brochure and then discuss your requirements with one of our application engineers. Contact us through our website, or give us a call at: 716-500-ABCO.

AB-CO PURGE has the pressurization solution for even the smallest enclosures.

The Model AP-01Z-02 with side vent works effectively
on a small, 0.5 cubic ft. enclosure

Even the smallest electrical enclosures can be protected just as effectively as larger ones… AB-CO PURGE has the answer.

The small size of the AB-CO PURGE Model AP-01Z-02 unit makes it ideal for mounting to small enclosures such as the one shown. Ruggedly constructed of a 316 SS control panel and . inch O.D. 316 SS tubing, the Model AP-01Z-02 is a Z-Type system designed specifically for small electrical enclosures with volumes up to 2 cubic feet (0.056 cubic meters). For more information, or to request a technical data sheet about this unit, as well as other AB-CO PURGE units,

contact us on our website or call us at 716.500.ABCO.

• Reduces classification in a hazardous environment from Division 2 to unclassified
• Cost effective solution
• Extends equipment life
• Reduces heat build-up
• Eliminates dust containment
• Prevents moisture and corrosion

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US Manufacturer of Purge and Pressurization Systems

As a US Company, all AB-CO PURGE products and components are proudly made in the USA. From the face plate of our purge and pressurization units to the components… gauges, knobs, tubing, fittings, and pressure switches… all are US made. With our main office in Amherst, NY and our Field office in Houston, TX, AB-CO Purge has specialized in the manufacturing of Y and Z Purge and Pressurization Systems for over 35 years. Our company was founded on the fundamental principal of providing exceptional customer service and time-test, cost-effective, and proven solutions in the reduction of explosive risk.

AB-CO PURGE Has Units from 2 to 300 cu. ft. capacity

Did you know that AB-CO PURGE has units with capacities of up to 2 cu. ft. for small cabinets and up to 300 cu. ft. for large cabinets. With many capacities offered in both Y and Z configurations, you’ll be sure to find the right AB-CO PURGE unit to fit your specific application. Call us today to talk to a sales engineer. Where safety is a concern for your electrical cabinets, you can rely on AB-CO PURGE for the right solution.


UL Listing

AB-CO PURGE has submitted all of our products to UL for UL-US and UL-C listing. We hope to achieve approval in March 1, 2015.

Flow and Pressure Stand

AB-CO PURGE has designed and built a new flow and pressure test stand. Our new test stand will measure incoming supply pressure, purge pressure, continuous flow and fast purge flow and record all of these measurements on a digital recorder. We also measure vent valve lift-off and relay contact action on our pressure switch. The new test stand will insure our manufacturing quality and improve our production time.

Zone 22

AB-CO PURGE has designed a new purge and pressurization system that will meet ATEX Zone 22 (dust) requirements. We will soon submit our products to ATEX for Zone 22 certification.

FM Group E

AB-CO PURGE has designed a new purge and pressurization system that will meet Factory Mutual Group E (combustible metal dusts) requirements. We will soon submit our products to FM for Group E certification.

Smaller Size

AB-CO PURGE has developed a new smaller size AFP-01 and AFP-02 purge and pressurization system. The outside dimensions are 8 inches (20 centimeters) width x 12 inches (30 centimeters) length. We have completed product testing and will soon submit them to UL, FM and ATEX for certification.