For 35 years AB-CO Purge has specialized in the manufacturing of Y and Z Purge and Pressurization Systems. Our company was founded on the fundamental principal of providing exceptional customer service and time-test, cost-effective, and proven solutions in the reduction of explosive risk. At the core of this fundamental principal is the need to fully understanding our customer’s application, equipment, packaging, and hazardous location requirements.

AB-CO Purge and Pressurization Systems help ensure the safety of our customers’ installations throughout the world by protecting a wide range of equipment used in hazardous location environments. Our customers represent a large cross section of industrial market sectors including, but not limited to, petrochemical, offshore, oil, gas, refineries, grain processing, metering and dispensing, propellant storage, and industrial manufacturing.

Our Purge and Pressurization Systems are certified to comply with NFPA 496 — 2013 (Standard for Purged and Pressurized Enclosures for Electrical Equipment).   We look forward to providing you with easy-to-use and cost effective solutions to protect your equipment investments in hazardous locations.